From humble beginnings to being one of the most successful hitmakers in Southeast Asia, ALYPH’s story is an exceptional one. The Singapore-born rapper, producer and songwriter casts a long and storied shadow in Southeast Asia, reaching a pinnacle in his career where every tune he touches turns to gold.

The song he last produced and co-wrote with K-Clique, Mimpi, fast became one of the biggest songs to shake Malaysian hip hop, standing at 45 million views on the Music Video to date. With a total of 218 million views and 45 million streams on the songs he’s produced, written, and performed, ALYPH’s role in defining hip hop in Malaysia and Singapore today is indisputable. ALYPH emerged with one of Singapore’s most influential hip hop duos, SleeQ, going on to establish himself as a solo artist and producer that has blessed the music of a sprawling list of icons such as Joe Flizzow, Kaka Azraff‑, K-Clique, Zizan Razak, De Fam and Adira.

ALYPH’s upward trajectory began in the place that matters most: Home. Born into a family that valued music and the arts,  his own love for music was amplified  by one defining encounter: Discovering the pioneering Malaysian hip hop duo, TooPhat. Watching the air and condenser on display when Too Phat performed on television showed ALYPH that hip hop could shape and inform local identity. It could come from home, be about home and be meaningful to the people at home. 

Over the years, ALYPH has developed his distinct production alias Magic Potions, rose to the forefront of made-in-Singapore hip hop with SleeQ’s breakout ‘Pilihlah Aku’, and blazed his artistry across borders. His comeback single Adakah Kau Mendengar was released on 4 December 2020, eerily prefacing an EP project listeners have been pining for slated for release early 2021.

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